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Nov. 8th, 2006 @ 10:30 am Bored but oh well
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Sep. 26th, 2006 @ 10:34 am Another Doctor Who story for all to read (it is written by me too!)
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Another poxy romancy Doctor WHo fic which I wrote and posted on whofic last year...but I still like it. :) Enjoy!



Rose had been surfing the internet for hours because she wanted to do something that was ‘domestic’ and able to have some ‘her’ time for once. She had just wanted a break from the constant running away from death-situations and do something that was simple and fun.

She had ‘borrowed’ the Doctor’s laptop, but she just figured that he’d find another one lying about in the TARDIS.

She had found thousands of cool websites but what had gotten her hooked was a singles only chat room. It was for people in their 20’s and 30’s but she also figured no one would ever guess she was nineteen.

She had a great time talking to all the women but it was all the single men that caught her attention. She flirted with every one that spoke to her, but just as quickly had she started talking to them, she lost interest and found another guy to talk to.

It was weird, she thought. She could normally have any man she wanted under her spell but she felt she couldn’t do it. Ever since she had met the Doctor, he had always made her feel special where ever or when ever they were. Even if they were looking in the jaws of death, again. It seemed that no other man could spark any serious interest from her, not even Mickey could make her feel anything in that way anymore. All the men might cause interest for other women but not for her, they didn’t have that extra factor that the Doctor had. She knew this was harmless flirting on the net but it still felt wrong to her.

Pushing this thought away, it was then another man had started talking to her but he seemed different to all the rest. She didn’t know what it was, but this man was proving to be very interesting indeed.

She started asking very subtle questions. What’s your name? How old are you? What’s your personality like? But more importantly, what do you look like?

It didn’t take long for him to respond and by the end of his in-depth answering she had found out this. His name was Theta, unusual but it had a nice ring to it, he was 30, she got a bit worried at this but it was only this once she would ever be talking to him, he had dyed blonde hair, brown eyes, he had lived in the same house for the majority of is life, he traveled a lot and rarely visited the exact same spot twice, he had small ears and by his standards was good looking.

He doesn’t sound too bad, she thought. It was his turn to ask similar questions and Rose paused before she answered. God, what should she put? She thought.

In the end, Rose’s name changed to Claire, she was a very rich size six model, she was a brunette with blue eyes, very tall and considered every where to be drop-dead-gorgeous.

She had fun creating her alias, but it wasn’t until he started saying that she sounded beautiful and that she could tell he really meant it. This made her blush, weird this, she thought, because the guy she was talking to could her have been dead for thousands or might not even exist yet. Thankfully the laptop had the same doo-hickey technology that her phone had. Enabling her to use the net as if she were in her old time line period.

So it went on for a while, their flirting and talking to one another, but it was building up to the inevitable question that one of them had to eventually ask.

It was Rose who asked it.

She nervously typed in, “Where can I meet you?” and stopped before pressing the ENTER button. She held her breath as she waited for his reply.

After what seemed like forever, a message appeared and it read,

“Look behind you.”

Rose turned around on the bed she was sitting on, and leaning on the door frame with a big grin on his face was the Doctor, and in his hands was a laptop.

“It was you?!” asked Rose with a confused voice.

“You aren’t called Theta, and you aren’t 30! You most definitely don’t have blonde hair and brown eyes and......" she looked and him, "you don't have small ears." she giggled.

"Hey!" he said, he also had the huge grin on his face. "What about you, Claire? You aren't a rich, size six model who is a brunette. At least I put some tuth into who I was, for once. What is 30 squared? 900, my age. And all I knew was....." it was his turn to laugh, "you aren't the tallest person I know."

Showing him a mock expression of hurt and shock, Rose threw a pillow that she was sitting on at the Doctor.

He avoided it easily but it made him laugh harder. He had to put down his laptop on the floor because he was laughing so hard he was scared he was going to drop it. Rose also put her laptop on the bed and ran towards the Doctor.

She rugby tackled him to the floor and started tickling him.

Even when he was begging for mercy she still wouldn't let him have a break.

It wasn't until the Doctor had managed to recuperate enough strength to manage to push Rose back and started tickling her.

After what seemed like hours and many tickling attacks on each other, the Doctor and Rose lay spent on the floor with very sore ribs. What was weird though was that they had ended up in each others arms in an embrace. They both were too tired to try and move away because it was too comfortable, and eventually they both fell asleep.

It was Rose who awoke first, she had her head on his chest and could feel his arms around her. This felt right but it was something that also seemed natural. She smiled and kept her eyes closed and said drowsily before letting herself go back to sleep.

"I love you, Theta, my Doctor."

The Doctor heard this, smiled and drew her closer to him and tightened the grip he had around her. He whispered,

"I love you too Claire, my Rose."

And when he heard her happy sigh, he knew she had heard him. With nothing else to do, he followed her into the realm of sleep and dreams.

The End.
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Sep. 7th, 2006 @ 11:26 am One Rare Day...
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Author's note: I wrote this because I was not in a very happy mood, so I wrote a happy story which is kinda fluffy and romantic at the end and...I think I had just read harry potter 6 and was still upset that Dumbledore died...but yeah I wrote this and I felt happier afterwards. :) It is set on the beach on a nice planet somewhere and the Doctor and Rose are having a day off...It is called 'One Rare Day'


There was a soft warm wind blowing gently across the white sand, snatching a million grains of sand out of their natural place onto an exciting whirlwind journey that would lead them only a few meters from where they originally started.

The bright green waves of the water breaking upon the shore where making the comforting noise that only the ocean can make. After pulling itself onto the beach, the water drew itself back into the ocean before crashing once more.

This pattern repeating over and over again, like it had been doing so since the Ice Age had melted away thousands and thousands of years ago. Since the water levels had risen, flooding the lands and forcing everything living to adapt and re-evolve again. With each crashing wave each generation passed, one after another, never finishing, just repeating. Eventually humans emerged and stood tall like the fearsome tidal waves, just as ferocious and destructive. But today none of this mattered because today was different...

Today was a rare day.

* * *

The Doctor and Rose were sitting on this beach. Watching the waves roll over each other again and again.

They had both wanted a little break from all of the excitement.

Just to have a peaceful day where no one needed help, not having to worry about dying for the greater cause.

A day entirely for themselves.

Two pairs of bare feet were embedded in the soft sand; shoes and socks had been discarded and stacked nearby. The bottom of each other’s trousers had been rolled up to the knee to avoid sand infiltrating and sticking, making it impossible to get it off later when it was time to go.

The sitting distance between them was no more than a foot but they still sat shoulder to shoulder, even though they weren’t touching.

The sun was slowly starting to lower itself closer and closer towards the horizon, but there were still a couple of hours to savor before the sun would disappear for the night.

Talking wasn’t necessary for the silence allowed them to enjoy the rare hours they had of actual peace in this place of great beauty.

Rose suddenly looked up into the sky as she heard a melodious bird song fill the air and what she saw astonished her.

High up in the air, flying over the sun, was a magnificent golden bird that had a long tail trailing behind it. A tail completely made of fire. Its huge wings were spread out as far as they could go and it was gracefully soaring through the sky with the greatest of ease. Its song spoke of beauty, happiness and love.

The Doctor also looked up when the song had begun and instead of hearing a song of joy, he heard a lament that spoke of times of great loss and sadness. He immediately knew what it was that was singing…singing for the both of them.

“That’s a phoenix.”

Rose turned her eyes away from the circling bird and looked at the Doctor.

He was looking up at the phoenix and his eyes where swimming, but not with tears…but of memories. Memories that burned him with fire and pain greater than the fire that burned so brightly on the phoenix’s tail.

“It is supposed to be extinct but we are the first beings to see this mythical creature for two millennia. No one knows this planet exists except me…and now you. No human has ever set foot till now. This planet is one of peace and it holds many mythical and beautiful animals and plants that are found no where else in the universe. This is their only remaining sanctuary and it is necessary to never tell that we’ve been here…but I wanted to show it to you.”

She felt honoured as to what the Doctor was sharing with her. Rose watched the Doctor’s intent and focused face as he still gazed on the phoenix. Smiling, she felt like that he still had more to tell her so she looked back up at the fire bird and waited for him to continue.

“It is said Rose, that a phoenix’s song is different for every single listener. Kinda like a fingerprint, each is unique and only that person will ever hear it that one way. What you hear is your deepest most innermost feelings and memories. If you have a great past and you yourself are happy, then that is what you will hear. If though, your past and memory is riddled with regrets and pains, then you will hear it. The song reflects the individual inside and only you can hear what you truly are.”

Rose was filled with wonder at this prospect. She was listening to her inner-self and it was singing with such happiness and love she had never heard such a glorious song before. The music completely surrounded her and she closed her eyes as the music filled her head, quietly drowning out all other thoughts. She smiled and slowly lowered herself onto her back onto the sand as the music still flowed forth. It danced and leaped through every nerve and fibre of her being and Rose felt a calmness and inner-peace with herself and the world unlike nothing she had ever felt before as it also merged with the song. She slowly stretched on the sand and Rose smiled drowsily as the melody of the song appeared and grabbed a hold of her before being lulled to sleep.

The Doctor hadn’t even noticed.

“Unfortunately Rose, I have no idea what the phoenix song will do to humans because they have never been…” the Doctor finally looked away from the cause of his sad and painful lament that filled his ears, and he looked at his right shoulder expecting to see Rose instead his eyes viewed only an empty space of air. The Doctor was about to panic when suddenly a soft breathing next to him caught his attention and he looked down to see Rose, now on her side, asleep on the sand. “Exposed to a phoenix’s song before.” He added, finishing his sentence.

He sighed quietly and shook his head, not because he thought ‘typical for a human’ as he normally would but it was out of being alone with the lament that kept on growing around and inside him.

He gazed back up at the phoenix and the sadness of memories past kept on crawling towards the surface but the Doctor kept on pushing it away. While repressing these feelings, the Doctor noticed that the sun hadn’t moved at all for a little while. Focusing on the sun, it was then that he noticed that the phoenix kept on flying in circles under the sun itself…

“Surely not…” he whispered to himself as an impossible thought occurred to him.

The phoenix wasn’t letting the sun set.


The Doctor suddenly felt a soft pressure against the lower part of his right thigh and he nearly jumped away when he realized that it could only be one person.


She had moved herself a little closer to the Doctor in her sleep. Now her forehead was gently resting against his thigh and was lying completely on her left side, both feet now no longer submerged in the sand.

The Doctor immediately thought of Rose’s well being if she suddenly woke up and half of her face was covered in sand…so he had an idea. He knew Rose wasn’t one afraid to get her hands dirty, but any person would hate to wake up with sand in there eye. He quickly took off his leather jacket and lay it flat on the sand, the soft inside material the right side up. Digging up his feet, the Doctor carefully lifted Rose’s head and shoulders and began to gently brush off the sand on her face and neck.

Her skin was soft and warm just like any humans, but this skin and body meant so much more than any regular human to the Doctor. He took his time brushing off every visible granule of sand, enjoying the sensation of having such contact that he rarely experienced with anyone…and it was even better that it was Rose. After he had finally finished the job, the Doctor had memorized every pore and curve of her face. This image would stay with him forever but he would live in the now to experience this moment as much as he could before she woke up.

I wonder what her song is like?

He gently laid her head and shoulders on his worn coat and smiled at the tranquility that beheld on her face.

He slowly placed a hand on her soft hair and stroked it a couple of times before reflecting what Rose really meant to him.

If Rose had never joined me in the TARDIS; I have no idea where I would be. Life would be no fun, new planets and having adventures on them wouldn’t be exciting…it would seem ‘same old-same old’. You are what brings excitement and meaning into my life. Your humour and your constant happiness and enthusiasm for life is there with me every day…and you can never hold your tongue if we are at gunpoint to try and lighten the situation.

I love that you’re still here with me and that we’re best friends. It seems you need me just as much as I need you everyday. Just seeing you makes me smile…even though I can’t help myself but over smile and say ‘fantastic’. Even though you don’t know how dark my history is, you know something bad is there yet you always look past it and still say I’m ok to people.

Maybe Rose, you’re the reason that I have been able to continue on with life after Gallifrey…maybe it is you who has shown me again just how wonderful life really is…not the other way round. Maybe that is why I love so much and why I would never be able to live with myself if I lost you…

He stopped mid-thought as he realized just how much Rose meant to him, but at the same time he heard the sad lament that had been continuing in his head suddenly start to change in tune.

The sad haunting notes and painful melodies began to change key.

It began to change into a major tune instead of being a minor.

The song began to sound happy!

Sounds of love and hope began to filter out the depressing notes and overtake the sadness in the Doctor. He began to feel a piece that had been missing from the core of his being for a long, long time return. He felt the love for another person enter his hearts like a sweet euphoria as sweetness and affection overwhelmed him.

Hope and ‘domestic’ had returned to his soul.

Hope that maybe there was a future out there for him, a future with which he could only achieve with Rose by his side.

Without Rose he was nothing, but now his song was for Rose and his love for her…but it was also about what Rose had given back to him.

The Doctor looked up at the phoenix who was no longer circling the sun, finally allowing it to take its natural path towards the horizon once more. He smiled as his song filed his ears and he was no longer sad.

He was happy.

And now he knew that the phoenix knew that the Doctor could’ve been happy.

All he needed was a different tune but he himself had to make it happen cause the music was coming from him…the phoenix just turns that silent music into a reality.

“Thankyou.” The Doctor said as he gazed up at the phoenix that looked back down at the pair on the ground.

The phoenix acknowledged the Doctor by releasing a cry that wasn’t loud or piercing, but the Doctor heard it and he couldn’t believe what it was…

It was Rose’s song…

It was showing her love for him.

While comprehending this new knowledge, the phoenix raised its mighty wings and in one powerful flap, it disappeared in a bright flash of fire and turned into ash.

* * *

The Doctor could still hear his songs, and Rose’s, in his head as she searched the sky for the bird but a part of him knew that his search was in vain. He knew it had gone.

He smiled as the songs started to lull him under its sleep spell and soon he was lying down with his head on his jacket, body facing Rose, asleep.

Except now foreheads and noses where touching as they slept for they still needed to know that the other person was still there.

They cuddled, asleep on the beach, they somehow managed to find and hold each other’s hand s to connect them to each other.

Their songs still played and in their dreams they played to the sound of their songs as they conjoined into the most beautiful song that was ever created.

As they slept on the sand that always stayed warm, the sun set and the waves kept on breaking on the shore.

* * *

On one rare day happiness, hope and love can be found.

All you have to do is sing the right tune and you will find it

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Sep. 4th, 2006 @ 12:23 pm Unrequited Love
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I wrote this last year when I went through my first serious crush (I am only seventeen) and the guy's name is Keith and I thought he liked me too, but then a girl called Amy comes along and me being me, thought that he now liked her and so I got all hurt and wrote this. I turned it into another Doctor Who story for how Rose feels about the ninth Doctor and the girl who tries and steals the Doctor away from Rose is called Lynda and I CAN'T STAND HER!!!! Anyway read and hopefully you will like it...


Unrequited Love

What is the point of love if it won’t be returned?

Unrequited love is one of the saddest things to ever experience in the world.

You meet this one amazing person and firstly he saves you, makes you laugh, then he smiles at you.

You smile back at him and you feel it, the first time your heart as ever skipped a beat.

What begins as thinking he is cute soon deepens into like when you join him in his travels.

You smile at the mere mention of his name but soon get rid of the smile and make sure no one noticed you sudden interest in this person when you are at home. When ever you see him, you see him in a different light.

Little things stick out like the difference between black and white. When you think he turns his head in your direction you look to see if he was, only to soon feel embarrassed and disappointed when he really hasn’t. You become more aware of where he is in the room and look every so often to see where he is.

Like eventually deepens into love and when ever you see him, or talk to him, you feel beyond cloud nine. Just thinking about him and a smile becomes plastered on your face for the rest of the week…or unless you are about to be nearly killed again on one of your many adventures.

You can’t help but tell your new friend Jack about this amazing person and that he thinks you have a very good shot with him.

You build up your hopes because you notice that he has looked at you more than once or twice when he thought you weren’t looking. You also believe he may even have an interest in you because he calls you special.

Life is great and you think this special person may like you but things change.

You get held captive by the Daleks and when you finally get back, he hugs you but when you go out of the TARDIS you see he is no longer looking at you. He doesn’t even try to hold a conversation with you, even though you try your best.

You then notice he is looking at another girl.

Your heart feels like it is breaking.

You feel stupid and ashamed of your feelings and hopes.

You actually thought he might’ve liked you and the disappointment in yourself rips through your soul.

You saw him look and smile at her when she left…

How could have you been so stupid?! He is eight hundred and eighty one years older than you and she is obviously more his type…someone from the future and shows courage…but I do that everyday…

When no is around because every one is panicking about the oncoming Daleks, you take one moment to shed a tear.

No matter how hard you tried, it was never enough. You still love him and you always will. You would do anything for him…even die for him.

You learn the hard lesson of getting your hopes up over a guy.

What is the point of love when it won’t be returned?

Unrequited love if one of the saddest things to ever experience in the world…

But you still love him…even after he sends you home for your safety.

You know that it is your love for him and your unbreakable friendship that you are now going to try and get back to him.

It is your unrequited love that makes you figure out that clues left throughout space and time were for you. That you had to get back to him.

It is your unrequited love that determines you to break open the TARDIS.

It is your unrequited love that makes you absorb the Time Vortex.

It is your unrequited love that makes you arrive just in time to save him.

It is your unrequited love that makes you destroy the Daleks after you scatter the clues that led you to this important point.

It is your unrequited love that makes you also bring back Jack because he is a very good friend to you both.

It is your unrequited love that makes you contain the Time Vortex inside you, burning you, showing to him that you love him enough to give your life for him.

It is your unrequited love that makes you ready to die...

But it is the Doctor’s love for you that he saves you.

With a kiss to signify that your unrequited love wasn’t unrequited at all and that you will always have this one moment.

Your last thoughts before passing out as the Time Vortex is transferred to him is,


Before blackness you hear one last thing.

‘Because I love you.’


I made it a nice ending because I was in a good mood when I first re-wrote it...any way till next time! :)
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Aug. 30th, 2006 @ 11:15 am A Doctor Who story for all to read (it is written by me too!)
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Note: I wrote this after my bastard of a boyfriend broke up with me two days after my birthday but by the time I had finished writing the original I was still furious so I left it for a few months then I re-read it and then it occurred to me that I could use it for Doctor Who. So I slightly altered it to be the scene when in the first new series of Doctor Who (the episode is called 'Rose'), the new regenerated 9th Doctor asks a girl called Rose to join him but she says no and he gets hurt and he leaves then he comes back for her and then she joins him. But this is just what the Doctor felt during the 20 second segment of film in the episode.



At some point in your life you will get rejected.

It can happen at any age under any circumstances.

From being rejected for not getting the job, to being rejected from your loved ones, even something as random as being rejected from a game show…

But the rejection that hurts the most is when you offer yourself to someone and they say no.

Do you need help? No.

Do you want to go out? No.

Do you like me? No.

Do you love me? No.

In this case it is: Do you want to come with me? Travel with me?

No, I’ve got to stay here.

The burning sense of shame and humiliation of taking the risk of asking comes first, and then the sadness that you know you’ll be alone again. The sadness then follows to hurt as thoughts begin to form because you can’t think of why that person rejected you. While the door shuts as you step behind it, you begin to blame yourself why that person said no.

Is it entirely to do with me? Is there something wrong with me? What did I do wrong?

Hurt dissolves into self anger as you set off in the time machine before you begin to pace and think ‘how on earth could I assume that person would want to come with me? We barely know each other!’ You stop pacing as you feel anger melt into shock as you realize that person said no not because of you…

But because of someone else!

Shock evaporates into resolve as you begin to think of a way to turn the idea of traveling with you a chance not to miss.

Resolve turns into surprise as the bait suddenly forms in your head. Surprise turns into excitement as you think how clever you are as you begin to set the co-ordinates back to where you had just come from.

Excitement turns into nervousness as the TARDIS lands. You race off to the door and you take a deep breath to steady yourself before poking your head out of the door.

“Did I also mention it travels in time?”

Nervousness springs into hope as you see her smile at you.

Watching Rose kiss Mickey on the cheek as a sign of goodbye before turning and running towards you, hope becomes happiness as you realise that you will no longer be alone. Rose Tyler has changed her mind.

Rejection has turned into acceptance.

* * *

At some point in your life you will get rejected…

But at some point in your life…a person will accept you for who you are.
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Aug. 15th, 2006 @ 09:28 am ONE WHOLE YEAR ON WHOFIC!!!!!
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HELLO NON-EXISTENT READERS OF THIS JOURNAL! I am just going to write quickly that I have been on the web-site www.whofic.com as a fanfic writer for a WHOLE YEAR! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME! :D
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Aug. 2nd, 2006 @ 02:37 pm HELLO!
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Hello! I have my own little corner on the net and I am happy! :) I will post stories on Doctor Who that I have written just so I can keep them on my own space and so I can read over them and change...not that anyone will read them here but ohwell. :)
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